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How Fantasy Sports Bars Become Successful

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How Fantasy Sports Bars Become Successful

We can trace the history of fantasy sports bars back to as early as 1960, when Bill Winkenbach created the very first fantasy football league.  He was also among the first to develop fantasy baseball and golf leagues which led the FSGA to dub him the "Father of Fantasy Sports."  Long story short, it’s been trendy for a long time, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon with the different formats and options you have to play fantasy sports today.‍

How Can Fantasy Sports Be Beneficial to Sports Bars? 

Introducing fantasy sports in bars is an excellent way to attract new customers. The more people that play fantasy sports, the more rooting interest they have in specific teams and players.  The more rooting interest someone has, the more likely they will be interested in watching that player or team compete.  And if your bar offers various sports and teams to watch, you have a good chance of drawing in big crowds to cheer on their fantasy teams.  In 2020, over 59 million people will play fantasy sports in the US, and that number only increases.  

Now that people can win real money playing daily fantasy sports on apps like Fanduel and DraftKings, it’s becoming increasingly popular.  Then you look at the changing laws regarding sports betting and the fantasy sports industry figures to grow in the coming years.

Advantages of Fantasy Sports Bars

Fantasy sports can be a huge advantage for sports bars. Not only for your customers to watch but for interacting with them and starting your own fantasy sports competitions. Many bars already do this. Whether it be weekly pick-em contests for the NFL or other sports. Postseason challenges and dipping into college with march madness tournaments.

Final Thoughts

It’s essential as a fantasy sports bar owner or manager to adapt to the new trends not only in the restaurant industry but also in the sports world, as most of your customer base figures to be sports fans and will be looking for their favorite place to watch the big games.  Suppose you offer them an atmosphere where they can enjoy any game they want, and even provide some fun contests or rewards they can win. In that case, you’re much more likely to stand out from the competition and be very successful in customer acquisition.

Attract New Customers to Your Fantasy Sports Bar with Fan’s Place!

All these ideas are used across the board to help boost traffic within their restaurant or bar. During the most significant sports events of the year, The Fans Place can instantly bring more customers to your bar and increase revenue. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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