The User Manual

Remember how everything used to come with a handy-dandy printed out booklet of how-to information? Well this is the digital version of that for The Fan's Place app. We're stoked you're here and hope you stay with us for a long time. Need to reach us for any reason? Email us at


We frequently get asked why we built this unique combination of sports predictor and local business rewards app. We feel there should be a FREE, engaging, rewarding, gamified sports experience that incentivizes people to spend their hard-earned money supporting the local economy (instead of losing it in the black hole that is sports betting). We hope you agree!


TFPs are our in-app currency. You earn them in our contests and redeem them by taking pictures of receipts at different businesses(viewable from the Locations tab). At in-network businesses (TFP logo on the map), 50 TFPs are worth $5. At out-of-network businesses, 50 TFPs are worth $2. You can find more info by hitting 'Redeem' under 'TFPs' on the Rewards tab (furthest to the right in the app footer).

Want us to add a business to the app? Simply request it here.

Want a business to be in-network so you get more money for your TFPs? Ask a manager or owner to email us at



Streak is the simplest way to get to the big money. At least once per day (sometimes twice or even three times), make a pick under 'Streak for Cash' on the Dashboard. Every pick you get correct adds one to your score, every incorrect pick starts you over at 0. If you get to 10 you get $100 (this has happened many times). If you get to 20, you get $1000 (still waiting for our 1st winner!).

Check-In Bonus: See the link that says 'Check in for a weekly bonus point'? If you click on that, and you're sitting in one of the bars we partner with (you can see a map on the Locations tab), we'll double your points for that day. Get it right, get 2. Get it wrong, still back to 0. You can do this once per week.


You can access all Pick-to-Win contests from the Contests tab (second icon from the left in the app footer). In Pick-to-Win contests you answer multiple choice questions on upcoming sports games, earn points for every answer you get right, and earn TFPs based on how many points you get. Most contests have a Tiebreaker. This will be a numerical answer, closest to the Tiebreaker determines leaderboard ranking for any users who get the same amount of points.

Daily Picks

The Daily Picks contest will have a title in this format: date-date: Daily Picks. Hit Join Contest, make your picks, and then check back in each day that week to continue adding to your score. New questions to answer are added roughly every 24 hours, points add up over the course of the week, and TFPs are awarded at the end of the week. You can join any day, points wipe clean each Monday morning for the new week.

Sport-Specific Predictors

We also run Predictors for most major sports. Here's a sampling of what you'll see:

MLB, NFL, NCAAF, IndyCar, NASCAR, F1, NBA, NHL, Premier League, Golf Majors, Tennis Majors

Simply Join Contest from the Contests tab and make those Picks by the Start Time of the contest (a timer will countdown on the Dashboard).


These are Predictors that are sponsored by a 3rd Party (e.g. Bud Light Rams @ Colts). These contests typically come with a check-in bonus earned by checking in via GPS at one of the partner-sponsored location. You can check-in from the Contest card (shows up on your Dashboard after joining the Contest from the Contests tab).


The one contest that pays you in Cash! Entry for this contest requires you to check-in at one of the In-Network locations in the app. Weekly cash prize will increase as more-and-more users play the app, and more-and-more businesses become official partners.


The Locations tab (middle on the app footer) will display all the places where you can both check-in and redeem TFPs as part of The Fan's Place games. There are a couple types:


Denoted by a blue location symbol, these are businesses that have been requested by our users but have not agreed to be official TFP partners. You can still check in for Streak, and turn in TFPs for cash back off receipts, but they will have a lower value.

Want us to add a business to the app? Simply request it here.


Denoted by an orange TFP logo, these are businesses that are official TFP partners. You can check in for Streak, Cash, and turn in TFPs for cash back off receipts at a higher value.

Want a business to be in-network so you get more money for your TFPs? Ask a manager or owner to email us at

Partner Location

Denoted by the logo of the partner, these are businesses that are sponsored by a 3rd party. You can check in for Streak, bonuses on Sponsored Contests, and turn in TFPs for cash back off receipts at a higher value.

Thanks for reading the User Manual! Have a question, comment or concern? We can always be reached at

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