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How to Benefit from Modern Sports Bar Technology

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How to Benefit from Modern Sports Bar Technology

We all have seen firsthand the advancement of technology in recent history.  We encounter new technology every day whether it be new ways to shop in stores, ultra real-life-looking TV’s or the handheld computers we all walk around within our daily lives - it’s everywhere.  When it comes to sports bars, there are plenty of businesses that take advantage of today’s technology, but you also still see plenty of your typical old school hole-in-the-walls where people come in for a late night drink and don’t need all the fancy new ideas and equipment to enjoy themselves.  So what is the best way for sports bars to balance today’s technology and what are some of the best ways to use it to attract new customers?

One of the biggest increasing trends since the beginning of COVID had been the accessibility of to-go ordering.  So many businesses have incorporated into their business in one way or another whether it be through delivery services like Doordash, or creating their own online ordering system.  Boston’s Pizza Restaurant and Sports Bar is a prime example of this.  “Their online ordering platform is integrated with their loyalty program, and it allows customers to access all these features through their mobile app. It is also integrated with DoorDash Drive to offer delivery services directly to guests. The Boston’s mobile app even allows guests to order for curbside pickup”.  They found a way to incorporate online ordering through their mobile app, and loyalty program which is easily accessible to its customers from the comfort of their own homes.  As a result, they are expected to double in size by 2023  because of their success with to-go ordering.

In addition to allowing online and mobile ordering, one of the biggest other benefits of the use of technology is the reach of social media.  We’ve talked about the benefit of social media before, which very much still holds true.  It is the quickest way to send out widespread messages to anyone who follows your social media. If you’d like to reach out to even larger audiences in your area, you can run targeted ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to draw in new customers and promote your bar.  Having an employee manage your social media accounts, or even hiring an outside company is a great way to draw attention to your business.

The benefit of some of these features of technology is that it doesn’t require you to completely change the look of your business.  As I mentioned above, there are still plenty of old-school sports bars that might not always look like they have the newest and greatest technology when you walk in.  But there are still plenty of ways for them to adapt to the changing times while still keeping that old-school feel they are looking for.  The most successful businesses today are the ones that make the necessary changes when they see fit, but it’s also important to not lose the identity of what got you to where you are in the first place.

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