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How to Take Advantage of The Busiest Times for Sports Bars

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How to Take Advantage of The Busiest Times for Sports Bars

March tends to be one of the busier months of the year for the sports bar industry.  In many cities, the weather is starting to turn, people are coming out of their winter month hibernations, and in addition to the beginning of March Madness, St. Patrick's Day brings out all the bar festivities you can think of.  Best case scenario for most businesses would be to see constant growth throughout each month of the year, but the reality is, there’s fluctuations, good and bad, during certain months.  Here's how to take advantage of the busiest times for sports bars.

As you might imagine, the warmer months tend to be the busiest months for sports restaurants for multiple reasons.  The obvious reason -  weather - is probably the biggest factor.  April through August are a great time for these businesses.  While the only Major League sport that is in mid-season during this time is baseball, which doesn’t always draw the biggest crowds, people are much more inclined to go out with their friends and family when the weather is nice.  Another big factor is that schools are out during this time.  While many sports bars' target audience isn’t necessarily K-12 students, it does mean there are a lot more families taking vacations and traveling during these months, which is a big chance to bring out of town customers to your business. 

Most restaurants tend to take a hit once school starts back up around September, and the colder months start to come.  However, for sports focused bars, this is the beginning of football season which is easily the most popular sport year in and year out for American sports fans.  Football season is a great time for bars to get big weekend crowds and offer gameday atmospheres that draw in customers weekly.  However with that you still have to find ways to bring in customers during the slower days where there aren’t games on, because unlike baseball and basketball, football teams play once a week.  This is where your marketing skills come in.  Many bars offer happy hour deals throughout the week, or other types of promotions we’ve previously mentioned like live music and trivia nights.  Offering delivery and take out services has also offered a big boost during typical slow months when people aren’t as inclined to dine in as much. 

The current trends and offers restaurants offer will continue to grow as businesses learn what works and what doesn’t.  It’s important to take advantage of the busy months and find ways to keep similar customer engagement during slower periods of the year, which can ultimately make you stand above competition.  As the warm weather is nearing, take full advantage while you can and enjoy the coming months.

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