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Benefits of Using Outside Companies to Drive Customer Engagement

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How Virtual Trivia Night Companies Attract Customers to Bars

Bar and restaurant owners are always looking for ways to increase their customer base and attract new customers to their business.  We’ve discussed many different ways to go about this: Trivia, Karaoke, Bingo, sports promos, etc. Indeed all of these types of promotions and events are a great way to increase the traffic to your business, but with that comes a lot of extra time management that managers and owners often don’t have.  Many restaurants have realized this and began using outside companies to help manage these types of promotions, whether using particular technology like mobile apps for reward programs or hiring an outside person to run a trivia contest.  

Why Outsource Virtual Trivia Night Company for Your Bar?

One of the most common promotions that bars run weekly is trivia.  Most trivia contests last multiple hours, with multiple teams playing, and someone is going through every answer and keeping score.  As an owner of a bar, if you want to run trivia yourself, you’d certainly have to dedicate one, if not multiple employees, to manage this type of contest each week.  The same can be said for bar owners looking to manage social media pages and rewards programs.  While they can do it, restaurant management often does not have the time or resources to devote to these tasks. To engage new customers, you can increase the quality and quantity of your posts by hiring an outside virtual trivia night company.

Benefits of Virtual Trivia Night Companies

I bring up trivia because many trivia companies have entered the restaurant industry and tried to find the best way to make trivia accessible and hands-off for restaurant managers.  One of the most popular trivia platforms right now for businesses is Last Call Trivia.  While it’s a traditional trivia format with teams and multiple rounds where the more questions you get right, the more points you get, it’s also entirely managed by them.  Last Call has someone come in and host the contest for the business using it, keeps track of winners, and even generates marketing materials for bars and restaurants to promote on their social media.  All the bars have to do is post the materials to social media, and Last Call takes care of the rest.  This is very appealing to a manager or owner because it allows them not to take time away from serving customers and ensuring their satisfaction.

How Outsourced Companies Can Help You Drive Customer Engagement

Outside of certain types of promotions, third-party companies, bar and restaurant owners can work with to help run and manage social media, and even companies that can help incorporate rewards programs.  The common theme with these outside companies working with restaurants is to help with time management.  

Marketing agencies and companies that run reward programs are all great ways to boost your engagement with customers. Their primary focus is on their respective area that you hired them to work on, so they can put all of their time and effort into your social media pages or whatever part of your business it may be.  We’ve all seen the increase in technology during this generation, so working with companies that can appeal to customers and find innovative ways to do so is a great way to leverage outside platforms to benefit your restaurant or bar.  If there’s one takeaway from these third-party companies, it’s not to be afraid to spend money on companies that can help you reach more customers and drive your business.

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